Diverse talk

Learning from different perspectives

April 02, 2021 Angie Season 1 Episode 3
Diverse talk
Learning from different perspectives
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There are autistic parents of autistic children who find their kid's diagnosis seperate from who they are. It's said that there must be a way to cure Autism thus labeling Autism to be something of a disease. There's plenty of stigma but through getting diagnoses for her toddler and baby in 2020, Tabitha Cabrera (Women, Mother, Wife, Lawyer, Author, and Advocate) decided to learn past the stigma. We talk about her starting a talk show that rooted from her expressing herself when it was discovered her son is Autistic, the journey that her and her brother (Animator) had creating an amazing children's book together about different forms of communication, and some of the future projects that have rooted from her opening up to listening to Autistic adults and the families who are raising neurodivergent individuals. Her show has given me insight and I am honored to introduce to you someone who desires to learn  and mainly love and embrace her children and family with all that she has.


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