Diverse talk

Facing cultural stigma being Neurodivergent

March 12, 2021 Angie Season 1 Episode 2
Diverse talk
Facing cultural stigma being Neurodivergent
Show Notes

The functioning labels of low and high are rattling in conversation throughout the Neurodiverse community. If there are any doubts that these labels are harmful, let me introduce you to Mrinal. Mrinal is a South Asian American women who was overlooked for the diagnosis of Autism & Adhd due to her parents having one view point of what Autism is since their son, who her parents describe as an someone is limited in verbal speech . He also takes pharmaceuticals which later in life she would come to use but was told that she doesn't display certain behaviors like her brother therefore, she would become dependant on them, in turn invalidating her need for them for ADHD. We talk more about how she came to a diagnosis and her journey of understanding and accepting her needs and how important it was to make the connection with the mental health stigma within the South Asian community surrounding mental health which was a contributing factor to not understanding to her neurodivergent self. Being the second episode of Diverse Talk, it was truly an honor to have Mrinal on and can't wait to hear from you listener about what you felt with this episode!!

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