Diverse talk

The Neurodiverse Perception of Creating: Inspiring your own thoughts

February 26, 2021 Angie & Owen Season 1 Episode 1
Diverse talk
The Neurodiverse Perception of Creating: Inspiring your own thoughts
Show Notes

Being the first episode of Diverse Talk, I wanted to have Owen Nichols(my fiance) with me, to have one of our many talks about some of our beliefs, and stands as neurodiverse individuals who like to spark up conversations about unpopular topics such as, capitalism. We dive more into capitalism, the uprising of "Thee Influencer" and how it can eventually muddle the value of the content being produced(hear this out), the seemingly odd belief of civil rights for all humans in minority groups and one of my favourite parts explained in this episode by Owen, being that "art is not art yet, unless it's been viewed."

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